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Become an INCOSE Certified Systems Engineer.

Earn more money and fast track your promotion by enrolling in one of our courses. 

Our Courses

We help budding Systems Engineers at any stage of their career. Learn systems engineering from scratch or become an INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Qualified SE. Our tailor made courses enable you to go from frantically searching for a job, to landing your dream role at technology companies. 

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Systems Engineering 101

Learn the fundamentals of Systems Engineering.

Easy to understand and completely free.



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INCOSE ASEP / CSEP  Certification

Fast track your career by following our tailor made program to nail the INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Exam first time. Comes with our 100% pass guarantee.  


£167 + vat

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Systems Engineering for Recruiters

Place more candidates by learning about Systems Engineering in-depth in less than 60 minutes. 


£79.99 + vat

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What is
Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering is a tool, methodology and discipline which you can adopt to drive certainty into your project. It enables you to deliver on what was planned and handle the riskier parts of a complex project. 

It originated during WWII when Britain conducted a study of its air defence system, a true ‘system of systems’, exploring the concept of repelling German invaders. Since then, it’s been the focus of study groups and institutions. NASA adopted it during the space race to manage the complexity of building space ships.


It’s linear, iterative and recursive processes drive you to understand the customer, implement official gate reviews and stick to a design that has an acceptance plan. The outcome is delivering a system or solution which is safe, as specified, on time and within budget.

Are you ready to become a Systems Engineer?


"When I first started to prepare for my ASEP exam, I was completely lost in the tons of content I had to memorise.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon the 'How to Nail the INCOSE ASEP Exam' preparation course and bought it instantly.

This course has been incredibly useful in providing a high level explanation to all the fundamental concepts. It provides me with a solid understanding of all of the tested content.

I can't deny the fact that one has to put in a lot of effort to get the hang of everything, but this is a great course for starters."


Fatima - INCOSE ASEP Student

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