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Learn the basics of Systems Engineering
For beginners, managers or directors,
who want to gain
an appreciation of SE. 

Walk away after 30 minutes with an understanding of SE, completely free

Go from 0 to 1, in Systems Engineering

Our 30 minute SE 101 course transforms you from...


Complete beginner

😵‍💫 You don't know what Systems Engineering is

😵‍💫 You don't know how to use it on a project

😵‍💫 You don't understand who INCOSE are

😵‍💫 You don't have the confidence to speak about SE

😵‍💫 You are afraid of getting things wrong 

😵‍💫 You get confused in meetings discussing SE


Aware of SE and it's benefits

✅ Confident discussing basic SE concepts

✅ Aware of how SE can benefit your project

✅ Know who INCOSE are

✅ Have a clear route to using SE on your project

Know how to take the first steps in becoming an SE

✅ Know how to communicate with managers and engineers about SE

A new formula for learning

You've got a busy schedule, and need to learn quickly.

Enroll in our flexible course, that you can squeeze into a lunch time revision. 

Structured Development Path

Don't just learn random snippets. We provide a structured development journey for any professional, baselined against the INCOSE Competency Framework.

Instant Access

No hanging around for start dates or cohort. Our courses are on-demand. Meaning you can start immediately. 

Modern Teaching Methods

Bored of 'Death by Powerpoint'?

So are we. We've built modern day training programmes for modern day learning. No more death by powerpoint. 

Free or affordable

Save your hard earned money and training budget. All of our courses are either free or affordable. Meaning you can worry less about focus on earning more as an SE. 

Course Content


Introduction to Systems Engineering  


What is Systems Engineering?


Who are INCOSE?


How to implement SE on your project


The INCOSE Certification Process (ASEP/CSEP)


Day in the life of a Systems Engineer


Continue your Journey in SE

Course Essentials

Course Length 

30 minutes of Systems Engineering 101 training to take you from 'know nothing' to 'aware' of Systems Engineering. 



Have a dedicated mentor during the course AND after the course, committed to supporting you on your early career journey. 



Meet other Systems Engineers with varying levels of experience. Network and make new connections. Discuss concepts and industries. 


Self Paced

Got a busy life or busy project? Not a problem. Fit the course into your schedule and access it from anywhere, at anytime. 

Hear from our Students 

Reach new heights in your career

After sitting the course, you'll be set to...


Increased Earnings

Our students, on average, have a higher earning potential. Starting a career in SE is a good place to start!


Boost Knowledge

Increase your prowess in engineering by learning other disciplines and expanding your knowledge.


Build Confidence

Know the full lifecycle, key terms, jargon and how to produce deliverables, in turn, building confidence in your abilities. 


Lead Teams

Increase your knowledge, abilities and skillsets to put you in pole position as a SE Future Leader. 


Fast tracked Career

Become the in house expert who solves problems and helps others. In turn, gaining recognition as the go-to problem solver.


Enhance employability

Showcase your professional development and certifications to potential employers. Demonstrate your commitment to CPD. 

Enrol now

Learn the basics of Systems Engineering. 

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