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Start your journey today.

Take the first step in Systems Engineering by jumping into one of our courses. 

Nail the INCOSE ASEP  (1).png

£167 + vat

INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Certification - How to Nail the INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Exam

Ready to get certified? Go from complete beginner to certified systems engineer with a specifically designed learning tool.


Our course cuts out the jargon and is guaranteed to pass the INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Exam first time. Don't believe us? If you don't pass first time, we will refund you 100%.

Becoming certified means a promotion, and more money.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to gain promotion by showcasing your systems engineering abilities

  • You want to become an expert in systems engineering

  • You want to boost your salary an average of + 22% upon passing

  • You want to tackle bigger, complex projects with confidence 

  • You want to be called upon as the accredited INCOSE practitioner in ISO 15288 Systems & Software

  • You want to pass first time 

Black and White Chalkboard Brainstorm Presentation.png


Learn Systems Engineering

Our free course introducing complete beginners to Systems Engineering. the core concepts, who INCOSE are and how to get started.


This course is for you if:

  • You want to start your journey in becoming a Systems Engineer

  • You want a simple introduction to Systems Engineering

  • You want to learn who INCOSE are

  • You want to know what the 'V Life Cycle' is 

  • You want to understand more about Professional Registration & Certification

By enrolling you can:

  • Gain access to our free resources

  • Use the correct language required to speak to Systems Engineering stakeholders

  • Gain a free development roadmap for your systems engineering career

We recommend this route as a preparatory overview before jumping into our 'How to Become an Expert' development route.  

We're on a mission to educate early career engineers in Systems Engineering. 

Our courses are designed by experienced Chartered Engineers who have spent their entire careers in Systems Engineering. We believe in designing affordable, practical resources which can be applied at any time during your project. 

Systems Engineering for Recruiters (1).png

£79.99 + VAT

Systems Engineering for Recruiters

Want to place more candidates in Systems Engineering? Learn about the discipline, improve your accuracy in finding candidates and apply SE to your own business in our course specifically built for recruiters.

This course is for recruiters who:

  • Struggle to grasp SE

  • Struggle with jargon

  • Struggle to find candidates

  • Struggle to place candidates

By enrolling you can:

  • Save time in the recruitment process

  • Increase placement accuracy

  • Increase their efficiency in CV' throughput

  • Increase their ability to generate interviews

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