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Welcome to the 
Applied Systems Engineering Nanodegree.

Learn everything you need to start working as a Systems Engineer. 
While saving you hours every week. 

Learn the full systems engineering product development lifecycle, understand all of the jargon and have confidence in producing deliverables on your project from Day 1.

Go from Zero to Hero  

Learning Systems Engineering from scratch can be difficult and frustrating...


Beginner SE

😵‍💫 You get confused with SE Jargon

😵‍💫 You're not sure what project deliverables look like

😵‍💫 You don't understand the full V Lifecycle 

😵‍💫 You don't have the confidence to produce deliverables

😵‍💫 You are afraid of getting things wrong 

😵‍💫 Don't know how to communicate with other engineers or managers 


Graduates of the Applied SE Nanodegree

✅ Gain promotions faster by using new knowledge

✅ Earn higher salaries from promotions

✅ Understand SE Jargon

✅ Have confidence producing deliverables

✅ Aren't afraid of getting things wrong

✅ Know how to communicate with managers and engineers

A new formula for Learning.

Tired of the boring old powerpoint education and don't want to spend two years studying a masters?


Go from 'know nothing' to 'Applying Systems Engineering' in one week. 

Structured Development Path

Don't just learn random snippets. We provide a structured development journey for any professional, baselined against the INCOSE Competency Framework.

Instant Access

No hanging around for start dates or cohort. Our courses are on-demand. Meaning you can start immediately. 

Modern Teaching Methods

Bored of 'Death by Powerpoint'?

So are we. We've built modern day training programmes for modern day learning. No more death by powerpoint. 


Save your hard earned money and training budget. All of our courses are either free or affordable. Meaning you can worry less about focus on earning more as an SE. 

Course Content


Introduction to Systems Engineering 


Systems Thinking


Write Requirements


Systems Architecture


Systems Design








Validation & Verification






Integrated Product Support




How to succeed as a Systems Engineer


Wrapping Up

How it works 

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 17.05.35.png

1. Learn the core principles of ISO 15288

Learn each step of the product development methodology in a structured lesson based format. Each lesson covers the core principles, an applied real world example and what it means to deliver it on a real project.  Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. 

2. Apply your learning on the Capstone project. 

You are tasked with building Systems Engineering deliverables after each core module on our Capstone project. You'll join a new fangled startup 'CoffCo' to create a full set of SE deliverables for a bespoke coffee machine. You're the Chief Systems Engineer, responsible for producing quality deliverables! 

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 17.10.12.png

3. Review your progress with us 

Assess your deliverables with our virtual design review, then join a call with an instructor for a 1/2 way and completion design review of your deliverables, Conducted in a real life manner to keep you honest and build proper engineering behaviours and experience. 

4. Graduate as a Practitioner

Graduate as a practitioner Systems Engineer, capable of developing SE deliverables from Day 1. 

Skip the beginner stages of embarrassment and confusion on engineering projects. Jump straight into applying your newly learned SE skills on large programmes.

Delivered in a great experience

We believe in flexible, modern methods of teaching, tailored to fit busy schedules.


Youtube Style Lectures

Clean, tightly edited, waffle free, engaging video based lectures so you can learn content quickly and in bite size.


Real world Examples

See how the principles are applied in the real world, by following along with real world project examples.


Hands on 

No point learning, if you ain't applying. Focus on rapid learning and then applying the princples instantly. 


Reviewed by SOSE

Each deliverable you produce is asssessed by us. We then provide feedback and tips on how to improve. 

Take a tour of our Professional Development Platform

Course Essentials

Course Length 

40+ hours of content, exercises, further reading and worked examples. Add in producing your own deliverables and reviews, it may take up to 60 hours. 



Have a dedicated mentor during the course AND after the course, committed to supporting you on your early career journey. 



Meet other Systems Engineers with varying levels of experience. Network and make new connections. Discuss concepts and industries. 


Self Paced

Got a busy life or busy project? Not a problem. Fit the course into your schedule and access it from anywhere, at anytime. 

Hear from our Students 

Reach new heights in your career

After sitting the course, you'll be set to...


Increased Earnings

Our students, on average, have a higher earning potential. 


Gain Promotions

INCOSE Certification is the quickest way to prove your capability as an SE. In turn, leading to promotions. 


Build Confidence

Know the full lifecycle, key terms, jargon and how to produce deliverables, in turn, building confidence in your abilities. 


Lead Teams

Increase your knowledge, abilities and skillsets to put you in pole position as a SE Future Leader. 


Fast tracked Career

Become the in house expert who solves problems and helps others. In turn, gaining recognition as the go-to problem solver.


Enhance employability

Showcase your professional development and certifications to potential employers. Demonstrate your commitment to CPD. 

Enroll now

Learn everything you need to know in order to become a practitioner SE. 

Need some help enrolling?

Send an email to your manager

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SOSE Scholarship

See if you're eligible for a discount scholarship based on your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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