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Want your company to support your professional development?

So do we! 

We believe all staff professional development should be funded by the company training budget. 

Use our pre-drafted email template below and send to your manager!

Hi, [your manager’s name],

I’ve found a course that I think will be really helpful for what we’re doing here at [name of company or department], and I’m requesting your approval to charge it to our training budget.

The course is the 'Applied Systems Engineering Nanodegree' from The School of Systems Engineering.  


The course has a flexible start date, accessible anytime, anywhere and means I can squeeze it in around project commitments.  


Here’s some of what it covers:

  • A modern SE training method that covers the Full V Lifecycle of Systems Engineering

  • A focus on the applied deliverables, meaning it teaches what we deliver on projects everyday

  • A capstone project, so I can practice writing deliverables in a mock environment

  • A mentor and design review to assess my progress

  • A structured development pathway in Systems Engineering

Here’s a breakdown of what the course will cost:


Course fee - £1666 + VAT.

As mentioned, its hosted online, accessible anywhere, anytime so that means the following costs are 0.

Travel = £0

Hotel = £0 

Sustenance = £0

In my research, I found a couple of statistics that make a strong business case for this training:

  • All other training providers are either 

    • more expensive ​

    • require significant travel 

    • will require a full 5 days away from project to complete

  • Also, an IBM reports that skills linked to a business value yield a 10% increase in productivity. Good for me and you!


I think our projects will really benefit from the skills built in this course. I hope you’ll agree.


Please let me know if you need any more detail about the course or about The School of Systems Engineering.


In the meantime, many thanks for considering this request. 

[Your name]

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