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Systems Engineering Checklist

What deliverables do you actually need to perform a successful delivery of a Systems Engineering project?

Depending on where you are in the lifecycle will drive this decision,

but a minimum checklist to get you started would include;

📝Understanding of your user through stories / User needs

📝Translation of these into User Requirements & Stakeholder Needs

📝System Requirements

📝Functional Architecture

📝Architecture Interface Document

📝Systems Design Doc

📝Traceability Map / mechanism (unique Id's / allocations)

📝Verification Plan

📝Tech Dev Roadmap

📝In Service Support Plan

📝Disposal Method / Process / Plan

You may not need ALL of these, but it's a pretty well rounded approach to setting your project off on the right path!

We've seen the most successful projects delivered with only a set of core systems requirements. All of the above are important, but the key to delivering a project which is direct and fulfils the users needs, understands the user needs and systems requirements in its entirety before creating anything else.

A good start is half the battle!

Download your copy below!

SE Checklist
Download PDF • 56KB

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