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Learn how to save time, increase efficiency and place systems engineering candidates. In less than 60 mins. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We have  worked with more than 50+ recruiters in the Systems Engineering domain and they ALL struggle with these exact same challenges.
  • Struggle to grasp SE

  • Struggle with jargon

  • Struggle to find candidates

  • Struggle to place candidates

We've specifically built a course to enable recruiters to:
  • Taste Systems Engineering at a high level

  • Have meaningful engineering engagements with the customer, the engineer and the role

  • Put Systems Engineering CVs under the microscope

  • Apply Systems Engineering to their own business


With the end goal meaning recruiters can:
  • Save time in the recruitment process

  • Increase placement accuracy

  • Increase their efficiency in CV' throughput

  • Increase their ability to generate interviews

Heres what our Customers say...

Profile Photo_AlexR.png

"I found the School of Systems Engineering after trying (and failing) to find suitable Systems Engineering candidates.

After the 'Systems Engineering for recruiters' education, the first candidate I sent forward was requested for an interview!

I recommend anyone to check this course out, knowledge of systems can be applied to many areas and industries."

- Alex

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£79.99 + VAT*

* 100% satisfaction guarantee

Course Content

Systems Engineering for Recruiters_edite

This course is for you if:

  • You want to understand Systems Engineering so you can recruit better

  • You want to place more candidates 

  • You want to communicate more technically with your customers

  • You want to save time in the recruitment process by learning the jargon

  • You want to become more accurate in your initial chats / interviews

  • You want to learn how to design better systems for your own business

This course includes:


  • 60 minutes of on-demand video

  • 'Deep dive content' of Systems Engineering without getting lost 

  • Practice Quiz

  • Free mindmap of Systems Engineering roles 

  • Instant access to a Systems Engineer to answer Q&A's

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

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£79.99 + VAT*

* 100% satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I know nothing about Systems Engineering. Is that ok?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Our course is designed for complete beginners to appreciate SE.  

Question: How long will this course take?

Answer: Less than 60 minutes to complete the content. Maybe 2 hours to work through the bonus resources. 

Question: Can I come back anytime?

Answer: Yes! Our course is hosted on an online e-learning platform (teachable) for you to access anywhere, anytime. 

Question: Will I learn how to find and assess systems engineers?

Answer: Yes! This course walks you through the important parts of Systems Engineering, what to look out for on CV's, how to write better job specs and how to place candidates with your customers! 

Enroll Now

£79.99 + VAT*

* 100% satisfaction guarantee

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