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Stop searching and get hired.

Download our Ultimate guide on getting hired as a Systems Engineer and how to earn more money.

This Ultimate Guide is packed full of content that people either don't like to talk about and often won't tell you. The secret formulas and recipes you need to get hired as a Systems Engineer and how to get paid more. Here’s what's included;


  • Top tips from top engineering recruiters in the UK on:

    • How to structure your CV to be noticed in Systems Engineering 

    • Red flags that recruiters are always looking for 

    • Golden gems which separate you from the rest of your peers 

  • Advice from some of the UK’s most experienced Systems Engineers. Principal & chief level engineers who have been working and consulting for the past 30 years share their lessons on:

    • Where to focus in systems engineering 

    • What you want to work on and avoid 

    • How to maximise your value in any organisation 

  • Frequently asked questions in job interviews

  • First hand advice from my own experience in becoming a Chartered Engineer, ASEP Qualified and coaching early career engineers & graduates on entering the industry;

    • How to find a role 

    • What industries to enter

    • How to get paid more 

    • How to negotiate

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