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Our Mission

We're on a mission to share free or affordable resources with early career engineers / students seeking to become Systems Engineers. 

Our Story

We are on a journey to democratise Systems Engineering. To move it out of the lecture halls of theory and into the hands of daily practitioners. 

Engineering is expensive. It’s expensive in terms of cost and time. The average UK Engineering degree costs £40,000 with a 3-4 year time investment. That only gains you A TICKET to an interview at an engineering firm. If you want to pursue professional development to ramp up your career, you then have to either pay for it yourself or beg your employer to pay for training. Even with a shortage of 60,000 engineers per year in the UK, why is getting a job still difficult?

We want to change. Our goal is to educate and share the best methods of applying Systems Engineering in your project, everyday.


We're here to empower early career engineers on their journey to gaining employment and becoming a qualified / chartered engineer. 



I'm Connor!


I'm a Lead Systems Engineer and Founder of The School of Systems Engineering.


I've applied Systems Engineering across multiple industries including Artificial Intelligence, Defence, Consumer Products, Aerospace, Maritime & Rail. 

I'm a Chartered Engineer with the IET, I have an M.Eng Systems Engineering degree from Loughborough University and I'm an INCOSE qualified Associate of Systems Engineering Practitioner (ASEP).

My passion lies within sharing the knowledge and beauty of Systems Engineering with other engineers and students. I enjoy learning about the challenges and context each student wishes to apply SE in and helping them on their journey. 

Any questions, please reach out!

Your Instructor

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